Jayne Herbert, Penzance, Cornwall

Nine Maidens Penwith MoorsI live on the Penwith Moors in Penzance, Cornwall, in an area locally known as 'Ding Dong'. It's an absolutely stunningly beautiful place to live.

When I moved from London around 20 years ago, I was concerned that there wouldn't be much to do down here - how wrong I was. Since I 'retired' recently I have been keeping busy with local art groups and all sorts of crafty stuff.

I also enjoy photography, especially with the advent of the digital camera. Although 90% are of greyhounds, moths and the local area, I do sometimes travel further field. I just love taking photographs of sunrises and sunsets, and it's such a great place to be able to do it.

I still run my moth trap several times a week and record what I can. All the moths are released and records are sent to our County Recorder and the moths are released.

So I hope you will enjoy my revamped little web site.

Latest updates to my web site...

I've had to redesign and reorganise this site recently it as the software it was originally written in will not be supported by the company that hosts it sometime in the near future.

Some of the content has moved, some is is no longer available but there is some new stuff and I will be adding more.









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