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2017 greyhound calendars







Jayne's Cornwall

Mulfra Quoit I live on the Penwith Moors in Penzance, Cornwall, in an area locally known as 'Ding Dong'. It's an absolutely stunningly beautiful place to live.

When I moved from London, I was concerned that there wouldn't be much to do down here - how wrong I was.

If you don't do anything else there are the most fantastic walks. The whole of Ding Dong is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and whatever the weather there are brilliant places to visit.

There is a lot of historical evidence of mining activity in the area as well as the ancient standing stones and burial chambers. The weather can be very windy and misty here, often giving at a wonderful wild, mysterious atmosphere. It is also very changeable, I have often walked out in glorious sunshine, only to have to run home in a hail storm. This is Carne Galver, just a short walk away, just before a huge downpour.


Cornwall Calendars and wallpaper

I designed some 2018 calendars for Christmas for family and friends and they are now available to purchase via Zazzle or you can even make your own.

I've also got a selection of free desktop wallpaper. Some of them are of Cornwall, others are of wildlife and pets.



Photograph's of Cornwall

Photograph of engine house in CornwallIn no way would I refer to myself as a 'photographer', but instead a 'happy snapper'.

Cornwall is such a magical place, I don't think you can help to take a few good shots if you take enough pictures.

There are more photographs of Cornwall in my photographs section.


Holidaying in Cornwall

Photograph of engine house in CornwallThere are lots of great places to stay in Cornwall. If you are interested in arts and crafts like me you might be interested in my arts and crafts web site which has a page dedicated to Art and craft holidays in Cornwall and my Cornwall Painting Holidays web site.