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Greyhound rescue in Cornwall



Greyhounds in Cornwall

Blue the greyhoundPeople often comment that greyhound owners must have to walk for miles, labouring under the misguided impression that greyhounds need a lot of exercise – nothing could really be further from the truth.

Of course they do need exercise, but two 20-minute walks a day is quite adequate.  Greyhounds are sprinters, so somewhere where he can run flat-out for a few minutes, a gentle walk and, most importantly a nice soft bed for a good snooze is a greyhounds idea of heaven.

The most important thing in life for Blue (left) was his bed. His bed was better than all the walks and all the Bonios in the world.

Casey (below) loved watching rabbits but given half a chance he would be off catching them - but his bed was the next thing on his list. You can't beat a good snooze after all that hard work watching rabbits!

There aren't any greyhound racing tracks in Cornwall, and this is probably why there aren't quite so many greyhounds this far down west, in Penzance, although the greyhound rescue organizations are still active in this part of the world.



There are more pictures of Blue and Casey in my little greyhound gallery.


Casey, my big, blie greyhound



Greyhound calendars

I designed some calendars for family and friends and thought that others may appreciate them. Visit my Greyhound calendars page.




Greyhound desktop wallpaper

Check out my greyhound wallpapers on my free downloadable wallpapers page, there are also a selection of Cornish and wildlife wallpapers.


Greyhound wallpaper
Greyhound wallpaper


Great Global Greyhound Walk

Great Global Greyhound WalksJanet from Great Global Greyhound Walks contacted me and asked me to promote this special event through my website, which I am delighted to do.

I am not involved in the project at all, so please contact Great Global Greyhound Walk direct for more information. It sounds like a great idea though.


What is the Great Global Greyhound Walk all about?

The Great Global Greyhound Walk is a joint project between Greyhound Walks and the Retired Greyhound Trust who are going to organise and support a series of walks up and down the country.

The next walk is Sunday 10th June 2018.

It is an opportunity for owners around Britain to come together at simultaneous walks to celebrate retired racing greyhounds and raise awareness of their suitability as pets at a linked social event that could be developed in a number of ways.

  • The start of a new social walking and owner support group.
  • Part of a bigger fundraising day
  • As a PR event to promote the homing of greyhounds
  • Or just remain as a one-off event for a group of owners, large or small

How do you get involved?

Great Global Greyhound WalkIf you already run greyhound walks and would like to have a walk as part of the GGGW then simply download the form Janet gave me, which you can download and post back to them, I couldn't find on their web site, so you can download the GGGW organisers form from here if you wish.

Once all the details are verified they will add your walk details to the Great Global Greyhound Walk website and provide you with any additional information you need to run an event. If you have never run a walk before but are interested then email them for guidelines for running a walk and you can always contact the GBGW for further guidance.