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Verses and poems
By Stella M. Turk MBE

I was delighted, and honored, that our renowned wildlife expert, friend and closet poet, Stella Turk, gave me permission to publish some of her poetry on my web site.

Here is a small selection - I have some more and I will try to put them on as soon as I can.

Lots of people have contacted me to say how much they have enjoyed them.

I am gradually adding those I have illustrated which are available to purchase as cards from my StellaAndJayne's store on Zazzle.

Foot and mouth virus

On the Death of Raku (new)

Intention - a difference in degree (new)

Beware of Extremes

Big headed

Cornish place names and surnames


Creative Sleep

Bower Birds

An Immortal Shrub?

Centipedes and millipedes


Impossible targets - The stark reality
(A pessimistic view)

Better to have little brain?

Ode to the Helford River and its caring body, the HVMCA

Sorting shells on the sea-shore

The families of European land slugs or Three ways to reduce your calcium dependence

The Divine Hare

Cuckoos and Cuckoo Bees

Unequal gazing
An ode to the female ‘Daddy Longlegs Spider’

'ts all up to the Sun

We are the stuff of stars

Cosmic Travel Sickness


Sap Suckers

Springing Springtails

Freakish Garden Control

Adaptive Radiation

Walking the plank to extinction

From the dumb to the talkative

Evolution and risk

The Startle time of hermit crabs

Pollicipes pollicipes - Gooseneck Barnacle

Its doggerel verse: a poetic denia

The Nightingale sang (too loudly) in Berkley Square

Sleepy brains

Potted plants


The Restless Rooks

Heavenly Bodies and Shooting Stars

The Morning After

My Wailing Song, Eleven dolphin, years

The Cod Conjuring Trick

Life on the Ocean Wave: going nowhere in particula

The Stella-and-mouse game

The Untouchable (or pooper-scooper) Woodlouse


Golden Wonder and Topless Beauty

Sailing by the Wind

Ode To A "Slothful, Small, Simple And Silent Sea Slug"

The Thieving Magpie

Binomial Nomenclature

Scientific Names for animals

The Explosive Shell