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Travelling far - in a circle
The Divine Hare!
Stella M. Turk MBE

Three hares running in a circle - the riddel of the three hares


The riddle of The Three Hares

Were they first a symbol of fertility

Only later representing the Trinity?

The Three Hares traversed the old Silk Road

From China to Europe in much the same mode

Though in places depicting deer was the habit

Whilst in others the hare was replaced by the rabbit.

Thus the Easter Bunny was far from funny

Because the rites were designed to bring

Renewal of life in the re-birth of Spring.

The essence of Spring, in the moon’s full glare

Was captured in lunatic leaps of the mad march hare

Which must have seemed a sign of the divine.


Authors notes

The symbol The Three Hares has been found in ancient Chinese caves, Iran, mainland Europe and in churches many parts of the British Isles. In Devon it occurs in noless than sixteen parishes, whilst in Cornwall it has been discovered only at Cotehele, close to the Devon border.

Stella M Turk MBE

January 2005