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My Wailing Song
Eleven dolphin, years
Stella M. Turk MBE



A strange thing happened to me

In the winter of 92/93

As well as studying fleas and mites

With other kinds of parasites

But more particularly clams and snails,

I was recording deaths of whales.

We knew there were far more of them

From stranding data at NHM

At first there was little interest shown

But when it became more widely known

That fishery bycatch was the cause

Attempts were made to change fish laws

People performed heroic acts

So autopsies could check the facts

The media gave much publicity

As did BMDLR and CWT

Plus WWF, RSPCA, Greenpeace,

WDCS, MC, MCS and some MPs,

And all of you and NJCT

But especially fearless Lindy.

With this much both done and said

Don’t forget the central vets at IOZ

With DEFRA after DoE

Funding every autopsy.

For five years I was kept afloat

In my land-based, desktop boat

By CBRU with PET

Then six years with Tricia at CWT




Authors notes

whaleKey to the initials

BDMLR = British Divers Marine Life Rescue
CWT = Cornwall Wildlife Trust
IoZ = Institute of Zoology
WDCS = Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
WWF = World Wildlife Fund
Lindy = Lindy Hingley
MC = Marine Connection
MCS = Marine Conservation Society
NHM= Natural History Museum
NJCT = Nick Tregenza
PET = Pamela E. Tompsett
RSPCA = Royal Society for the Protection of Animals
CBRU = Cornish Biological records Centre


Stella M Turk MBE



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