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Web site resources

Web designers in Cornwall

There is a list of web designers in Cornwall on the Cornwall Arts and Crafts Directory (CACD) web site, which I own.

Repeating web backgrounds

I have a number of images availabe which you can use as seamless repeating web backgrounds, available on my web site Versatile digital Images. You are welcome to download and use for these for free.

Web hints and tips

There is a page of web tips available on this web site. I also own Web Design Cornwall which is a site with information about various aspects of web design in Cornwall, including web design training opportunities.


Domain name availability finder

A domain name is an addressing system that enables websites on the Internet to be reached by a simple name rather than a string of numbers. Registering a domain name can be thought of as the equivalent of including your website in the telephone directory for the Internet. Domain names include an extension such as, .com,,  .net, .info and .biz.

You can register one or more domain names for a web site. Charges for a new domain name vary according to the extension.

You can check below to see if the domain name you would like is available.