Arts an crafts in Cornwall

Cornwall is a great place to live of visit if you're interested in Cornish arts and crafts.

Drawing and painting

'Proud Champion' by Jayne HerbertA few years ago I decided I wanted to learn to draw and paint. I am not very good yet but I just love doing it and I am learning all the time.

I belong to several art groups now, Wesley Rock Art Group, Gillian Coopers sketchbook group, The Hayle Art Society and the Porthreath Art Group. They are all great fun with lots of talented people sharing their painting and drawing skills.

I don't seem to be able to stick to any particular medium and love trying lots of new things, although I tend to migrate back to pen and ink or pastels.

Some of my 'artwork' is on sale on various on-line stores and at Treasure, a wonderful little craft shop at the bottom end of Penzance high street. I also sometimes sell at exhibitions and craft fairs.

I mainly sell prints on products such as books and cards, which I also like to make myself.

An example of some of my art work is also available on this web site.


Wesley Rock Art Group

I belong a local art group, Wesley Rock Art Group, in Heamoor - just down the road from me.

We meet every Monday afternoon and are usually given a subject to tackle. All materials are supplied. It's a really enjoyable afternoon.


Hayle Art Society

The Hayle Art Society have two groups, a Tuesday afternoon group and a Wednesday evening group. I belong to the Tuesday afternoon group.

Most of the time we 'do our own thing' but the group also regurarly organises tutors.

The Society organise an art Exhibition in Hayle each summer, usually in Phillack Church Hall.


Portreath Art Group

Portreath Art Group meet on a Wednesday afternoon at the Millenium Hall in Portreath, there is often a monthly competition.


Penwith Textiles and Embroidery Group (PenTEG)

Penwith Textiles and Embroidery Group exhibition (PenTEG)

I've only recently joined the group and my work is very 'rustic' but i am really enjoying it.

This lovely, informal group of enthuastic ladies doing allsorts of things involving textiles. There are a lot of very talented texitle artists in the group with a wide range of styles and techniques, and everyone is willing to share their knowlege and give encouragement

The group meet on Tuesdays at St Thomas, Church Road, Heamoor, Penzance, during term time.



My greyhound art and photographs

Many of my greyhound art and photographs can now be found on-line on my Zazzle store called 'Bluedog at Ding Dong'.

There you can buy products with examples of my photographs and artwork on all sorts of products from mugs and cards to tote bags.

I've sold quite a lot of my stuff overseas including America and Australia.


Brother Scan n Cut

I now have a Brother Scan n Cut machine, which I absolutely adore, which has a electronic scapel and can cut paper, card and fabric.

I have had great fun creating my own cutting files from my normal artwork and also now my digital artwork which I create on my tablet and load into Canvas the free soft provided by Brother to convert your files to the required .fcm or .svg format the machine requires.

You can also scan, draw, cut and now even emboss with this nifty machine - the possibilities are almost endless.

Brother sewing machine

I've just brought a new sewing machine started a 'Get to know your sewing machine' course with Jo McIntosh - so watch this space.




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