Greyhound rescue in Cornwall

Please note although I love greyhounds and have pages about them on my web site, I am not actually involved with the rehoming process. The following are details of organisation in Cornwall that I know help rehome greyhounds.

The Cornwall Greyhound Trust

Our Casey came to us through Cornwall branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust.

He was quite a large boy, weighing in at around 40 kilos. He was very handsome and people were always stopping to admire him.

If you can give a kind loving home to any of these beautiful gentle animals it would be much appreciated.

Their ages would range from 1-10 years old. Foster homes without cats would be especially appreciated.

Click here to find out more about what the Retired Greyhound Trust are up to in Cornwall.



Our greyhound, Blue was an RSPCA dog, he was staying in Cornwall, at the RSPCA Centre in St Columb when he found us.

The RSPCA have lots and lots of dogs and cats, of all ages and in all colours, and they are all looking for loving homes.

There is also a small animal unit there, with lots of rabbits, rats, budgies and guinea pigs, and they occasionally have chinchillas, degus, and other more exotic pets.

If you are considering getting a pet it's always worth considering a rescued one first.

Russet Greyhound Sanctuary .......


South West Sight Hounds

South West Sight Hounds is a small rescue/re-homing centre based close to Bristol. They mainly handle greyhounds straight from the track/trainer, from pounds or very occasionally from home situations. As and when they can they also take in other sight hounds.

Visit the South West Sight Hounds web site


Greyhound Rescue West of England

Greyhound Rescue West of England is a registered charity and the leading independent organisation in England and Wales working specifically to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned or abused greyhounds and greyhound crosses.

They take in greyhounds and greyhound crosses from members of the public, veterinary surgeries, dog wardens and the police.

They help trainers, owners and general rescue centres, rehome their racing greyhounds.

Some greyhounds also come from as far afield as Wales, Scotland and Ireland if resources allow.

Greyhound Rescue West of England also help people find a greyhound to adopt.

National Animal Welfare Trust

The National Animal Welfare Trust's Cornish Animal Rescue Centre (NAWT) is carrying on the work started by Molly Wyatt, who died in July 1996. Her name was synonymous with animal rescue in Cornwall and the National Animal Welfare Trust is proud to be able to continue with this much needed work.

Dogs currently in need of homes at the NAWT in Cornwall


Other organisations

If you are an organization that rehomes greyhounds in Cornwall and would link to be mentioned here, please contact me and let me know your details.


Separation anxiety

Remember that your greyhound has probably never been left alone before, if your greyhound has come virtually straight from the kennels he will be used to having at least other dogs around for company.  He will probably be scared and confused when you first leave him alone, after all he won't know you will be coming back. 

Dog proof a familiar  area, to minimize any possible damage he may do.  Make sure that the area is safe for him too.

Practice by leaving for only a few minutes at a time, don't be tempted to make a big fuss of him before you go.  It may help to leave a few 'special toys to keep him amused.  Maybe leave the radio on or record your voice on a repeating tape to play while your away.  Gradually increase your time away but never leave him for too long.

If it is a all possible, in the case of greyhounds two are always better than one, they will keep each other company and relieve the boredom.

Identifying your greyhound

If your greyhound only has a tattoo in one ear he/she is probably an English greyhound.

The Greyhound Trust may be able to help you to find out the racing name and date of birth of your pet by tracing the ear tattoos.

Write to them with the earmarks at:

The Retired Greyhound Trust
2nd floor 1-4, Park House Park Terrace
Worcester Park
Surrey KT4 7JZ

The Greyhound Trust do not make a charge for this service but would appreciate a stamped addressed envelope, your telephone number and a donation to cover costs.




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