Big headed! by Stella M. Turk MBE

Now that brain has replaced brawn
It is more painful to be born.
We enter the world at too early a stage
Taking many a year to reach mature age:
One quarter of a whole life span
Is needed to complete a Man.
And in the time we have to grow
There is much we have to know.
We must stay supple in the mind
To flex with facts* of every kind,
For we need to think freely to mix and re-new
As more is disclosed of the universe view
And of chaotic history in time and space
Looked at through mind’s blurred interface.
A fact is a human-made construct
changing with knowledge and context.

Stella M Turk MBE

November 2003

Authors notes:

“Facts are, in truth, exactly what is meant by the Latin word facta from which the English word is derived. They are things that have been made.” Ex. Toynbee Study of History.


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