Cornish pace names and surnames
Thoughts from Reskadinnick by Stella M. Turk MBE

In Cornwall we echo the lingo
When we meet family Vingoe,
Tregenza.Trembath, Trevaskis
Trevithick, Bohenna, Tregaskis
Bosanko, Tresidder, Bennallick,
Kelynack, Menneer and Retallack
(and don’t forget Marcus Trescothick
wise to every cricket trick):

Or when we visit Pencalenick
Bospebo, Boleppa , Reskadinnick,
Bejowan, Botallack, Resugga
Boconnoc, Chysauster Bedrugga,
Carminowe, Chegwidden Trethurgey.,
Methrose Pendarves and Pentillie.
(Alas my rhyme would be in a muddle
if I tried to include Menacuddle).,

Stella M Turk MBE

December 2004

Stellas notes:

In family names and place names, we find the echoes of the Cornish language in varied spelling, sometimes anglicised. All the names used here are in the current BT phone directory, whilst the place names are on most OS maps.



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