Freakish Garden Control by Stella M. Turk MBE

It’s ‘No’ to Nettles and Brambles just anywhere
Though ‘Yes’ to Forget-me-nots everywhere.
Primroses, too, can grow where they please.
But Bluebells seed with consummate ease
That I struggle to keep them in one or two places,
When, like Ivy, they keep finding more spaces.
The Buttercup is ‘out’, but the Daisy is treasured
And, with the Wild Violet’ space never measured.
The Celandines increase year by year,
Make a colourful display, then disappear
But Dandelions root so deeply, just their heads are due to roll
While Indian Strawberry and Archangel are quite beyond control!
Just over the hedge both Nettle and Bramble grow
So insects that need them have not far to go…

Stella M Turk MBE

26th April 2008

Stellas notes:

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