Ode to the Helford River and its caring body, the HVMCA by Stella M. Turk MBE

Where might be found
An old valley, drowned,
And the ancient oak tree
Forming woods by the sea?
Where rocks, silt and sand
Create habitats inland?
Where is there mildness
Without coastal wildness?
Where are such eel-grass fields
Cockles, and mussels and fat oyster yields?
Where can juvenile fishes like bass be feeding
Before swimming off to the sea for breeding?
Where deep in the substrates and high on the shores
Live warmth-loving species from the Azores?
Where would you find Polgwidden; Calamansack
Penarvon, Polwheveral and Padgagarrack?

All this, and more, lies in the River’s courses
Between its wide mouth and its many sources.

Stella M Turk MBE

1st October 2000

Stellas notes:

Chinese women were often crippled as a result of binding their feet, and English women wore stays so tight that they sometimes fainted.

We have created breeds of fish, birds and mammals that would be unable to survive in the wild. In various ways we have fostered beliefs that have become destructive forces.



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